Olta Balla, RDH


We are so excited introduce Olta, one of our awesome Dental Hygienists!

Olta was born in Albania but moved to Italy when she was 12 years old, where she lived until she was 17. Olta loves to share fond memories of her middle school and high school experiences while in Italy. Don't hesitate to ask her all about it! She and her family then  relocated to the United States, where she attended college and then started working with Dr. Gogate in 2010!

In 2016, Olta decided that it was time to challenge herself even further and decided to set her sights on becoming a Dental Hygienist!  Upon graduation, she rejoined Dearfield Family Dentistry!

Olta has a love for languages. She is fluent in Albanian, Italian, English, and Spanish. In fact, she learned to speak Spanish while working as a dental assistant! She shares that it was easy for her to learn because of its similarities to Italian... but we just don't believe her! She's just that good at languages!

Don't hesitate to ask Olta about her awesome experiences, and please... speak to her in one of the other languages that she's fluent in!